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Rock Springs Energy Group has identified the following key advantages:


The location provides quick access to U.S. Interstate Highway 80, U.S. Highway 191 and other Wyoming State Highways;

The location has direct access to rail service via the Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) System;

The location provides excellent access to the oil fields and alternative sources of supply from Utah, Wyoming and Colorado;

Crude oil and condensate pipeline supply is nearby;

The location has over 30 acres of land, providing ample space for expansion;


The location includes utilities, rail siding, paved roads, an office building, laboratory, security fencing, lighting, fire hydrants, truck scales, shop facilities, etc.;

The location is zoned for Heavy Industrial.

Project Approval by the Sweetwater County, Wyoming Planning and Zoning Commission, the Sweetwater County, Wyoming Board of County Commissioners, Union Pacific Rail Road and State of Wyoming, Department of Environment Quality Permit to process 5,000 barrels of feedstock per day

Key off-takers are available and are able to provide the necessary rail car transportation;

Key feedstock suppliers are available;

The Commercial Operations Date of the new facility is scheduled for early Summer of 2016.

Why Rock Springs?

Rock Springs Energy Group, LLC selected Rock Springs for

numerous reasons, including:

The location allows for additional supplies of Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado area crude oils and condensates for processing. The City of Rock Springs, Wyoming is closer to most oil producers without the need to go over high Rocky Mountain passes than Salt Lake City, Utah, the traditional market for these valuable crudes.

Rock Springs is ideally located on Interstate 80 and the Union Pacific rail line, enabling easy transportation to major market areas for refined products.

City of Rock Springs, Wyoming provides a good location for infrastructure and is nearby to an abundance of oil related services in Wyoming.

Rock Springs is a community with good employees and numerous skilled people for employment.